Overview of dahliaOS Fuchsia-based builds


dahliaOS Fuchsia-based builds are currently in alpha phase and are not ready to be daily driven!


You can download the latest dahliaOS Fuchsia build here (opens in a new tab). You may also find the supported hardware matrix here (opens in a new tab).

Running dahliaOS Fuchsia


dahliaOS Fuchsia builds can only run on x86_64 systems with plans to bring ARM64 support later. Also this first build is a stock Fuchsia Workstation installer image, it has not been modified in any way.


  1. Download the latest dahliaOS Fuchsia-based build here (opens in a new tab).
  2. After it has been downloaded, flash it with any USB flasher like Etcher (opens in a new tab) or Rufus (opens in a new tab).

If you use this build, please let us know how things worked out on your hardware so that we can improve it as we continue.


Special thanks ❤️ to @electrikjesus (opens in a new tab) for the following images:

Select installation methodSelect diskWipe disk warning
Installing FuchsiaInstall completeBooting
BootingLoading screenLoading screen
Loading screenSetting up passwordSetting up password
Password has been setMenu: Ermine shellDesktop: Gazelle shell