dahliaOS on VirtualBox

This guide will walk you through live booting dahliaOS on VirtualBox.

Linux / Windows / macOS

Download VirtualBox

  1. Go to the VirtualBox download page (opens in a new tab) and select the VirtualBox for your host OS.
  2. Go through the setup and install VirtualBox.
  3. Download the legacy ISO here (opens in a new tab).

Create a virtual machine

  1. Open VirtualBox and click on New.
  2. Give the VM a name of your choice, set the type to Linux and version to Other Linux (64-bit).
  3. Click next and give the VM a minimum of 4GB(4096MB).
  4. Keep clicking Next until it says File location and size, it doesn't really matter how much you give it because the system doesn't run on a physical hard drive.
  5. Click Create and you're almost all done.

Setting up the virtual machine

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. In the System page click the Processor tab and set the processor count to 4.
  3. In the Display page set the Video Memory to 128MB.
  4. In the Storage page, click on the empty CD symbol, check the Live CD/DVD option and then select the ISO you downloaded.
  5. Click OK to finish and then click Start to run dahliaOS.