Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Questions we get frequently asked.

What is dahliaOS based on?

At the moment the system is based on Linux and uses Flutter for the desktop environment and applications.

What about Fuchsia and Zircon?

So far all of the dahliaOS releases are based on Linux meaning that we are yet to release a Fuchsia build but in the meanwhile you can try out our FImage (opens in a new tab) tool that allows you to emulate Fuchsia.

When will a new/stable version of dahliaOS be released?

We're all working on this project in our free time. Thus releases can take longer than expected. However asking for a new release won't bring it quicker.

Is dahliaOS stable? Can I use it as a daily driver?

No. It's still in development and even though there is the possibility - the user experience does not match our goals.

How do I install dahliaOS?

At the moment, it is not possible to install dahliaOS.

Which applications can I run/install on dahliaOS?


Most applications, including desktop applications, cannot be installed at this time.

Only built-in applications are available while a Wayland compositor that would allow a wider range of applications to be ran/installed is being worked on and in the meanwhile select web applications can be installed using the Web App Manager.

What is Graft?


Graft is currently unfinished.

Graft is our upcoming virtualization manager which is supposed to integrate the core system with third-party service and applications.