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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is dahliaOS?

dahliaOS is an operating system that aims to run on multiple kernels to take advantage of Fuchsia (Zircon)'s features but fall back to Linux.

Where are the dahliaOS Fuchsia builds?

The Zircon-based builds are not ready yet. Much work is needed to make Pangolin, our desktop environment, able to run on Fuchsia.

Is dahliaOS stable? Can I use it as a daily driver?

No. It is missing pretty much everything a standard Linux distribution or even Fuchsia Workstation has, such as a proper web browser and apps. There are issues blocking us that we can't do anything about but we're finding short-term workarounds until these issues get resolved.

How do I install dahliaOS?

You don't. Or, at least, you shouldn't. dahliaOS is not stable and is not ready for regular use. There is an installer planned, but it isn't useful yet.

How do I install ___ on dahliaOS?

Select webapps, such as Discord and Minecraft Classic, can be installed using the Web App Manager. This is a temporary workaround.

Most apps, including desktop apps, cannot be installed at this time.

What is Graft?

Graft is an upcoming VM, container, and chroot manager and integrator that serves as a core part of the dahliaOS experience, allowing you to use apps that aren't built for dahliaOS on dahliaOS.

Graft is not yet complete, so I don't recommend trying it.

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