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Documentation > Install > Running dahliaOS in VirtualBox

dahliaOS on VirtualBox

Linux / Windows / MacOS

Downloading VirtualBox

  • Go to the VirtualBox download page and select virtualbox for your host os.

  • Go through the setup and install virtualbox.

  • Download the legacy iso here.

Making a virtual machine

  • Open VirtualBox and click on New.
Name: DahliaOS
Type: Linux
Version: Other Linux (64-bit)
  • Click next and give the VM a minimum of 2GB(2048mb).

  • Keep clicking Next until it says File location and size. It doesn't really matter how much you give it because the system doesn't run on a hard drive.

  • Click Create to finish.

Setting up the virtual machine

  • Now click on settings and setup the following settings.
System: Processor Tab: 2 CPU's
Display: Video Memory: 128mb
Storage: click on the empty cd symbol: check the Live CD/DVD and click on the cd symbol and select your iso you downloaded.
  • Click on OK to finish and click on Start to run dahliaOS.
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