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Documentation > Install > dahliaOS 64-bit with UEFI

dahliaOS on 64-UEFI


  • dahliaOS supports a wide range of devices. This guide will tell you how to flash it on a USB and what hardware you need.

Flash the ISO

There are two ISOs to choose from, EFI and Legacy.

  • Most devices can only run the EFI ISOs, for older, legacy devices you can can check the instructions here.
  1. You can download the latest image here.
  2. Then download etcher and flash the .zip file on a USB.
  3. You're almost good to go, reboot your system and go in your UEFI and go to the Boot tab and select the USB.
  4. Your system should boot into dahliaOS.


Minimum requirements

  • You need at least 512 MB of RAM and a 64 bit dual core processor with Intel HD graphics

Recommended requirements

2 GB of RAM and a 64 bit quad core processor with Intel HD graphics

Note: Nvidia graphics won't work well, use onboard graphics for the best result.